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Women, Arise & Bring Forth Life!

For the women are the ones who birth things in the natural-

Do you not know that what happens in the natural must first happen in the spiritual?  Yes-they are the ones who bring forth life.  

So, arise My women, the women in My body--I have created you to bring forth life!  Not just in the  natural world but also in the spiritual world.

My women are a mighty army; though they may look fragile on the outside--I've created them to be strong on the inside.

Though they don't look like warriors, when the battle cry is given--they arise, they unite and they proceed to the front lines.

And not only do they cause the opposing army to flee, but they collect the plunder which is due them.


So again, arise My women--unite, bring forth life not only the natural, but in the spiritual and you WILL be victorious, for I am with you!


Jojo Koenig 5/7/16

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